Poetic Snaps

From the Bride


I look into your eyes
and I see life; I see beauty.
I look into your eyes
and I see strength; I see tenderness.
I see you as God sees you –
perfect, perfect for me.
Love isn’t blind.
Love sees everything and decides that it will accept all,
the whole, the complete package.

I look at you, and I see a lifelong companion,
a bearer of my secrets and my dreams,
the ones I would never tell the world until it’s right.
I trust you with my mind, my body and thoughts,
that you’ll handle them with care.

I don’t take what you do with me and for me lightly.
You have given yourself to me for better or for worse.
And I have received you knowing the awesome responsibility I bear
to take care of you just as I would me.

You share your dreams with me.
You share your hopes with me.
You allow me to see you at your weakest.
You allow me to share in your misery and pain and in your laughter.
And, when you want to be silent and alone, I respect that too.

God has put us together, I have no doubt.
From before the earth was formed, He conceived this day.
He took me from your rib and saved me,
until it pleased Him to give us back to each other.
I know we’ve met before, in His thoughts.
And now, it’s being fulfilled, cast into the script of life.

©Dionne Brown 2015


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