About Me



I’m Dionne, a.k.a Angie De DryLan Scribe. I’m a natural-born storyteller, freelance writer and Jamaican, who is deeply in love with her country. As it turns out, I live in the rural part of the island. If you’re a Jamaican, you know seh country people have an inherent ability to mek yuh pop up or smile (although technically, me is a city chick, but read on.)

I live in St. Ann, the garden parish, birthplace of my father and at least two generations before him. Our roots go deep in this parish, and perhaps that’s why I felt the urge to make it my home.

I didn’t always live in St. Ann. I’ve only been here since late 2013. I was born unda di clock; Half Way Tree, St. Andrew, that is. I lived there all my life, except for a short, two-year stint in Montego Bay.

I graduated from the University of the West Indies (UWI) in the early 1990s with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management. What does that have to do with storytelling? Nothing, really. But, I did write one piece a story in my Commercial Law exam and end up pass wid flying colours. Couldn’t remember dates or case names; so, whatever bits I recalled from each case, I flower them up an’ mek them sound like I know what I talkin’ bout. The professors were impressed enough to give me an ‘A’.

I spent most of my working life managing people, inventory or their businesses. You ever have that feeling of not being in the right place? You move from job to job, hoping to find your niche and retire there, but then realize nothing is holding your interest for more than a year or two. At the cusp of turning 40, I found myself worn out, bored to tears with my career and discouraged.

As a child, I loved writing stories, reading, drawing, making things, taking pictures, dancing, singing, listening to music and playing the piano. Re-engaging in those ‘first loves’ in a meaningful way, brought me back to life.

As I rediscover  the things that are most important to me, my self-imposed challenge is to excel in at least one of them. Writing is at the top of the list. In sharing this gift, I hope to infuse a bit of joy into your days–as needed–and stir you to reflect on what is great and wholesome about us all.

Love and peace,