Scribe's Journal

Like Gideon, I Write.

That’s right! That’s right! Cuss mi!

Weh mi ben deh? Weh mi ben deh?

Well. You know me and my rock. Sometimes, many times, we are one. I conceal myself beneath it for many a splendid reason: to write, to read, to ponder, to hide from the universe. But alas! Let the heavens rejoice! Let the band strike up a reggae tune. I n I come up to di light … for now.

Do accept my apologies for the protracted silence. A million thank-yous for browsing through the archives during my hiatus (yes, mi did see yuh 🙂 ). I’m humbled to still have your attention.

You know, as a writer, who’s been given cold shoulders, head-backs and plenty nos, it’s tough to keep putting myself in that place called “out there”. But, by golly, I do. And it helps to have a touch of or even a heaping helping of crazy (which I strongly suspect many writers do).

Some of us writers are kind of like Gideon—the Bible fellow. In the dead of night, we tiptoe outside, fingers and toes crossed, glancing around frantically, drenched in sweat and trepidation. We perform our mission then scurry back inside, hoping and praying we don’t get shot, mid-stride, with cold, hard criticism.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling timid, so long as you accomplish your mission. Huh? What was that? How have I been putting myself out there? I hear you enquiring, index finger tapping against thy mouth-corner and forehead furrowed with curiosity.

Writing competitions! My laptop and brain are still smouldering from the creative fire.

Did I doubt myself when the story ideas came to me like the waters gushing over Turtle River Falls?


Did I doubt myself as I was clicking away on my laptop, drafting each story from sun up till sundown, day after blessed day, week after blessed week, month after blessed month?

Eh-eh. (translation for the foreign people: no)

Did I doubt myself as I was carving and molding and refining each piece?

Like, no. … Yeah. … Likkle bit.

Did I doubt myself as I was filling out the entry forms and paying the requisite fees?

Heck yeh!

Did I doubt myself as I juked the send key for each submission?

Like yuh wouldn’t believe, I-ya!

But am I glad I put myself out there?

Hehehehe. You better believe it 🙂

For those of you who are already ankle deep, knee deep, neck deep or up to your eyelash in this writing thing, I want to encourage you today, right now, this second, to keep … at … it. Keep-at-it! Keeeeep at it. Fight through the self-doubt, setbacks and palpitations of the heart. Don’t hide your creative works!

Don’t approach your writing like it’s a hobby or something you do “on the side” either. Tackle it like you’re tackling a plate of juicy oxtail, butter beans and rice and peas … or your favourite vegan dish. Do your research (yes, even fiction requires research at times). Get yourself a handy-dandy dictionary—or keep Google close by. And be best buds with Thesaurus.

When you think you’ve run out of ideas and there can’t possibly be anything left for you to write about, do what I do. Pray. The Creator of the universe is well able to float a few more ideas your way. If you’re gobsmacked by His creations—the birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees—then talk to Him. If you believe we all got here after a big bang, I’m at a loss as to whom you could ask.

Anyway, mi done talk. Here are but two examples of God’s creation right here in the black, green and gold.

View 2 - Dolphin Cove
One of the views at Dolphin Cove, Ocho Rios, St. Ann.
View 1 - Dolphin Cove
And yet another.

Peace and love,


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