Jamaica in Pictures: Turtle River Falls

You will see 14 waterfalls, take well over 300 steps, do lunch with the birds, stand among a host of lanky dreads and when yuh can’t go no more, you can sit, relax by the pool and sniff the Pepper Elders.

No long talking from me today. Instead, I present a few photos from my latest trip to the rainforest, right here in Ocho Rios, and trust you’ll add Turtle River Falls & Gardens to your to-see list if you haven’t graced it with your presence yet.

Pops of vibrant colour in a garden of green.
Ooh, Aah, Brain and Lady Jane are a few names you’ll hear while these beauties are being showcased.
This luscious breadfruit was perhaps as big as my head.
Ladies, a frangipani correctly positioned in your hair will signal to the gentlemen if you’re available for courtship or not.
When you visit this place be prepared to kick off those shoes and . . .
. . . get friendly with these feathered pretties.

Peace and love,


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