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Poetic Snap: Craven Crows

In the summer, the jabbering crows are plentiful in the sweet-sop tree. They are also plentiful around the wash tub where water drips from the tap. And they are noisy as they drink and eat and “craa-craa”.

As summer nears, I hark back to the craven crows of last year and the simple poem I penned as I asked them to pipe down!

By the way, in Jamaica, if s’mady tell yuh seh yuh craven, it means you’re gluttonous.


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Craven Crows

These craven crows sit up in the sweet-sop tree
and pluck fruit from a tree
they did not plant.
These craven crows congregate at the pipe
sip from the drips of water
until they are satisfied.
They call to each other
fight with each other
feed each other
make peace with each other
in a yard that belongs to someone else.


©Dionne Brown 2016